High School Through the Eyes of a Freshman

So far from my freshman year, I’ve learned to not procrastinate and to study harder than I did in middle school. I’ve also learned that friends should come before boyfriends, not from my own experience though. So many of my friends have had boy problems that it’s actually made me glad that I’m not allowed to date until I’m 16. I’m also happy that I’ve made more friends through my school activities.



Enumclaw High School Girls Golf Team 2016-2017

Two weeks before my Freshman year started, I made my high school’s girls golf team. As the first day of school was fastly approaching I was getting very nervous, but luckily I had my team behind my back. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the first day of school without my new found golf family. I’ve been practicing very hard so I can improve and become a better player along with working on not letting the bad plays go to my head, I’m really looking forward to trying out for the team again next year.



Novice FFA Rabbit Grand Champion Fit and Show

While I was still in 8th grade, I had to go with my brother to his teacher conferences and during that time I went and talked to the high school’s FFA advisors, Ms. Norton and Mr. Berryhill. I had talked to them about showing rabbits in FFA, at the time no one in the chapter had shown rabbits and no one knew anything about rabbits either but they said it would be cool to have FFA kids showing rabbits. So many people have gotten rabbits and will be showing them in September at the WA State Fair.


Enumclaw FFA Chapter with the Sammy Steele Band

I have become very involved in my FFA chapter and plan on running for a board position for next year. I get to go to the WA State Convention for FFA in 36 days! I’m so excited! I’ll be competing on the Greenhand team, the Livestock Judging team and possibly the Vet Science team.

Overall my freshman year has been very eye opening for me. It has shown me why it’s important to not procrastinate on my homework and have good study habits. I’ve also learned why it’s good to not get caught up in boy drama. To look back to my first day of school to now, it’s hard to believe how nervous/scared I truly was. Only 78 more days until my freshman year in high school will come to an end. Oh, my!


One thought on “High School Through the Eyes of a Freshman

  1. Great job Alina! I liked the photos you shared because they really showed all the things you are doing on a personal level, mostly because it was pictures of you doing the things you love with the people that have made an impact on you. The length was perfect, it gave me just enough time to get hooked and wanting more. I also enjoyed the mood of your blog, it seemed to me as if it was light and fun.

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